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Skills for Living Programme

NZ Certificate in Skills for Living Level 1

This programme is for candidates who require specialised support with their learning so as to be able to self-manage and participate in social, cultural and family occasions.

Course 1: This is Me [Demonstrate self-management of day to day living situations; Planning a future pathway to achieve personal goals]

Course 2: A Healthy Me [Maintain personal safety, health and wellbeing]

Course 3: Active Me [Communication skills in day-to-day situations]

Course 4: Money and Me [Literacy/numeracy skills required for day to day]

Enrolment Details

22 Weeks

Upcoming start dates

Rosedale: 15 July 2024
Manukau – 15 July 2024


Foundation Skills Level 1

NZ Certificate in Foundation Skills Level 1

This programme is designed to build on the Skills for Living [Level 1] programme. It focuses more on ICT [computer] skills, communication, problem solving, experiencing diversity, and planning for the future.

Course 1: Who Am I and my future direction [Whakapapa and family structure a way that reflects Kaupapa Māori: alongside career planning and support]

Course 2: Self Management and Personal Wellbeing [developing personal management strategies through a range of fun projects]

Course 3: Digital Numeracy Skills for Everyday Situations [good money habits, budgeting and managing money and EFTPOS cards]

Course 4: Communication and Customer Service Project [use communication skills to participate within a range of Hospitality and Retail activities]

Enrolment Details

21 Weeks

Upcoming start dates

Rosedale – 15 July 2024

Henderson – 05 August 2024

Foundation Skills Level 2

NZ Certificate in Foundation Skills Level 2

This programme is designed to build on the Foundation Skills [Level 1] programme. It focuses more on computer skills, teamwork and working in group situations, problem solving, diversity and preparation for work and ultimately building further skills towards independence.

Course 1: Communications and technology[Learning how to search, use and comprehend information from a wide variety of sources using technology]

Course 2: Enhanced Literacy and Numeracy [Using basic information to solve problems in a variety contexts]

Course 3: People and Culture [exploring and reflecting on people, cultures and community]

Course 4: Teamwork and Collaboration [working with others]

Course 5: Develop and reflect on relevant learning and career goals [Designing, building a plan, identifying goals and obstacles, planning the journey ahead]

Enrolment Details

21 Weeks

Upcoming start dates

Manukau – 15 July 2024


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