Gain Life Skills & Confidence

Is your child striving, thriving, or just surviving?

The world now has a better understanding of the ways different brains work – and the contribution different types of people can make.

This means neurodiversity and learning challenges are no longer the barrier to employment and education they once were. The Thrive Hive was set up in response to this new world.

We’re New Zealand’s largest provider of tertiary education to students with learning barriers and neuro-diversity challenges.

We believe connection and contribution lead to the confidence to thrive.

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Our 2024 intakes are now open, and we’re thrilled to invite you to join us. 

Discover how we support those aged 16 years old and over facing learning barriers and neurodiversity challenges.

Our tailored programmes are designed to empower individuals, helping them reach their full potential and ensuring a bright future awaits. 

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Gimme Five

Top five reasons the Thrive Hive is different

Our boutique campuses provide a less overwhelming, more personal learning experience.

We’re NZ’s largest provider of tertiary education to students with learning barriers and neuro-diversity.

We’re a Category 1 provider - NZQAs highest rating for education and support.

Our staff have a combined 82 years’ experience in the supported learning sector. They’ve worked everywhere and know the best results come from here.

We care - but it’s not day care. Taking calculated risks and going outside your comfort zone is what helps any human grow – and our students are no exception

Parent Testimony

Thrive Hive is powered by MSL NZIE, an NZQA Category 1 provider with over 20 years experience…
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Deep Dive

It’s normal to have doubts and fears. Maybe your child has been underestimated, under-resourced and under-supported in their previous educational experience. 

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Want a Thrive Hive in your town?

We currently have three hives in Auckland; Takapuna, Henderson and Manukau

But we’re on a mission to have thriving Hives all over New Zealand. 

Give us a buzz if you’d like a Hive near you. We only need 12-14 students to set up a hive in your area. 

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